Michael Carter {and Lacy}

There are only two things you need in the age of Digital Hedonism:  Pleasure and Self-Realization. This is the story of two lives. They grew up on opposite sides of the planet. However, they were only separated by a bit of hardware, an operating system and code. That’s really all that separates any of us.... Continue Reading →


Tell me about your childhood. Of all the requests that have been made of me, this is one of just a few things that causes a stoic look to overtake my face. A blank stare that is blind to whatever is immediately around me, because my vision becomes consumed with memories from days gone by.... Continue Reading →


The maze of the mind is a place where we meet our true self. Looking back, I can't say that the quality that made it a maze wasn't that I didn't know how to get through it {should I turn left or right}, but rather how to navigate all of the ares of the subconscious... Continue Reading →


I've been told many times that it is 'all in my head'. Turns out it's true. I don't know how much time has passed since I chose to stay in this dream state. Time doesn't seem to take its toll here as much as it does 'out there'. There is still a drain. I can... Continue Reading →


Easily influenced. Days are coming and going. I don't know where I am. Everything and every person seems to have this magnetic field that pulls me into an orbit. I can be anything and anyone. Just tell me what you need. On second thought, don't say a word. It can be a simple as you... Continue Reading →


I thought I should take a moment to introduce myself a bit more. If you spend any time with me, I think you'll discover that I am the sensitive, introspective type. Meaning that I can be expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and temperamental. Most days I am self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. Over time you will see that... Continue Reading →


Some relationships only make sense within a certain context. To say that Eidolon and I have a great relationship is a bit odd, even for me. Especially at the beginning. The first time I remember meeting him was at the age of 9. When I say 'meet' I mean that there was a back and... Continue Reading →

Two A.M.

I tuck everyone into bed the same time every night. They all drift off so easily, and my hope is that they will make it peacefully to the morning light. I spend the next bit of time wrapping up the day. Unwind a bit. Tend to the final chores that will give me a small... Continue Reading →

Deadline Ahead

The rain is falling. My sessions are light. The weekend promises to be quiet, and a good one for writing/research combination. I have a deadline in nine days for a short story competition. I know 'what' I want my entry to be 'about'. I'm a little worried about some of the details. My confidence is... Continue Reading →

From My Castles Window

It took 27 years for my shell to be cracked. I'm not sure if it helped my day to day existence with others after I finally got the help I so desperately needed. It happened in a counseling office. This had me trapped in a corner. About to actually feel something. I'd always had a... Continue Reading →

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