Tell me about your childhood. Of all the requests that have been made of me, this is one of just a few things that causes a stoic look to overtake my face. A blank stare that is blind to whatever is immediately around me, because my vision becomes consumed with memories from days gone by.... Continue Reading →


The maze of the mind is a place where we meet our true self. Looking back, I can't say that the quality that made it a maze wasn't that I didn't know how to get through it {should I turn left or right}, but rather how to navigate all of the ares of the subconscious... Continue Reading →


I've been told many times that it is 'all in my head'. Turns out it's true. I don't know how much time has passed since I chose to stay in this dream state. Time doesn't seem to take its toll here as much as it does 'out there'. There is still a drain. I can... Continue Reading →


Easily influenced. Days are coming and going. I don't know where I am. Everything and every person seems to have this magnetic field that pulls me into an orbit. I can be anything and anyone. Just tell me what you need. On second thought, don't say a word. It can be a simple as you... Continue Reading →


I thought I should take a moment to introduce myself a bit more. If you spend any time with me, I think you'll discover that I am the sensitive, introspective type. Meaning that I can be expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and temperamental. Most days I am self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. Over time you will see that... Continue Reading →


Some relationships only make sense within a certain context. To say that Eidolon and I have a great relationship is a bit odd, even for me. Especially at the beginning. The first time I remember meeting him was at the age of 9. When I say 'meet' I mean that there was a back and... Continue Reading →

Two A.M.

I tuck everyone into bed the same time every night. They all drift off so easily, and my hope is that they will make it peacefully to the morning light. I spend the next bit of time wrapping up the day. Unwind a bit. Tend to the final chores that will give me a small... Continue Reading →

Deadline Ahead

The rain is falling. My sessions are light. The weekend promises to be quiet, and a good one for writing/research combination. I have a deadline in nine days for a short story competition. I know 'what' I want my entry to be 'about'. I'm a little worried about some of the details. My confidence is... Continue Reading →

From My Castles Window

It took 27 years for my shell to be cracked. I'm not sure if it helped my day to day existence with others after I finally got the help I so desperately needed. It happened in a counseling office. This had me trapped in a corner. About to actually feel something. I'd always had a... Continue Reading →


I've been enjoying exploring memories of my childhood. This meandering would not be complete without taking some time to reexamine my Roman Catholic roots. Getting to know the saints again anew, and the stories that their legend tells makes me wonder that if I had paid more attention as a young lad I would have... Continue Reading →

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