Michael Carter {and Lacy}

There are only two things you need in the age of Digital Hedonism:  Pleasure and Self-Realization. This is the story of two lives. They grew up on opposite sides of the planet. However, they were only separated by a bit of hardware, an operating system and code. That’s really all that separates any of us.... Continue Reading →


Tell me about your childhood. Of all the requests that have been made of me, this is one of just a few things that causes a stoic look to overtake my face. A blank stare that is blind to whatever is immediately around me, because my vision becomes consumed with memories from days gone by.... Continue Reading →


The maze of the mind is a place where we meet our true self. Looking back, I can't say that the quality that made it a maze wasn't that I didn't know how to get through it {should I turn left or right}, but rather how to navigate all of the ares of the subconscious... Continue Reading →


I thought I should take a moment to introduce myself a bit more. If you spend any time with me, I think you'll discover that I am the sensitive, introspective type. Meaning that I can be expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, and temperamental. Most days I am self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. Over time you will see that... Continue Reading →


I've been enjoying exploring memories of my childhood. This meandering would not be complete without taking some time to reexamine my Roman Catholic roots. Getting to know the saints again anew, and the stories that their legend tells makes me wonder that if I had paid more attention as a young lad I would have... Continue Reading →

The Staircase

At a young age, I hung out at an Italian Restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's been about 40 years since then, and the only memories that I have of it are images and smells. The lighting was low. The furniture was red. It was crowded but comfortable. The staff was young and kind. The... Continue Reading →

My Patron Saint

My first name is Bryon. It is often confused with Byron. I understand why. Most people spell it Brian, or Bryan. So when you see those letters put together, I get the Byron thing. My last name is Christopher. As a child I was Roman Catholic. St Christopher is the guy I was named after.... Continue Reading →

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